There are so many choices when it comes to buying a new Air Conditioning and Heating System, and every company swears that the brand they represent is the best right? The bottom line is that every Air Conditioning company will offer you amazing incentives in order to sell you the brand that puts the most money in thier pocket. If this is the case 9 times out of 10, how would the “Average Joe” (or Josephina) know which brand is best and what criteria is used to determine the top units?

We took a lot in to account before making our list of Top 10 Air Conditioning Brands in Phoenix and Maricopa County. The top units had to perform acceptionally well in triple digit heat for 3 months at a time and the only way to know that is to track how many call backs we go to, which brands they are, and what those call backs are for. The more major of an issue a unit has in June, July and August, the lower they rank on our list. Then we factored in price, parts availability, part pricing, how good of a warranty the home owner recieves when they purchase the new unit, and a few specific factors we will get in to as this list progresses. So if are you ready to see our list of Top 10 Air Conditioning Brands in Phoenix and Maricopa County, lets dive right in.

Lets be honest here, Day and Night and Ruud are never on any top 5 list you see on the internet so this should not be a big surprise to anyone. However both brands are affordable, and both come with a standard 1 year labor, 5 year parts and 10 year compressor warranty. If you own one you can feel free to share your experiences on line of having to wait for parts, or not having your warranty honored. If both of these brands beat out the brand of unit you just bought or that you currently have on your home, you might want to think about upgrading your system.

Not to be confused with this #8 Bryant… God rest his soul.

Bryant is made by Carrier and it is more affordable than Carrier. Most of the parts that go into a Bryant unit are the same parts you will find in a Carrier. So why isn’t Bryant Higher on our list? Because other brands score higher on customer satisfaction, availability of parts and equipment, and overall brand awareness. New home builders seem to love Bryant because of the cost but when those homeowners decide to change out thier units in year 12 of owning thier home, not one of them has ever said to me, “Please quote me for another Bryant unit” and I have been selling Air Conditioners in the Valley since 1999. If you do your homework and research Bryant you will find that they don’t even make most peoples top 10 list, they made made ours because they are made by Carrier and Carrier is a very well made product.

You could take each of these 3 brands and rank them in any order and they all come back with the same reviews and results. Amana ranks higher because Amana is made by the Daikin group which also makes Goodman right here in America. Both Goodman and Amana are tested here in the desert during 115 degree heat and that pushes Amana into the top 5. Lennox is a solid brand however they really have over valued thier product line and are not as affordable as maybe a Rheem or an Amana. Lennox ranks ahead of Rheem however but Rheem really takes care of thier contractors and are very helpful in making sure customers get thier parts under warranty, it was a shame we had to rank them at number 7 but they made the top 10 and still get a 3 star rating.


A four star brand has to be built to last as well as very dependable. A four star brand is a brand that we would sell in a heartbeat and stand behind without hesitation because of how well they are built, how the brand takes care of the average consumer, cost, and how well their customer care departments take care of the technicians that walk into thier building every day. The final criteria on what makes a 4 star brand of Air Conditioner is how many call backs we can expect to have within the first 5 years after installation, because all of our installations come with a 5 year Labor Warranty so that might be why the other brands recieved three stars and not four.

So what pushes York just a little bit ahead of that last group and earns them a fourth star? In 2020 when the Pandemic hit and other brands on this list were running out of parts and equipment, York really stepped up and provided my customers with multiple options to get cooling to those who needed it, very impressive. York also has a lifetime compressor warranty in thier higher seer units which gives the home owner peace of mind when buying a York unit. If you are unsure which brand to go with and you want to feel good about your purchase I feel confident that you will be happy with your York purchase.


There are only a couple of small reasons that Carrier is not a 5 star brand or possibly ranked number one overall, and it starts with Price. Carrier is very well built and anyone with a Carrier unit is very proud to own one but they paid a pretty price for it, even the 14 seer units are priced higher than any other brand on this list. If you were to research customer satisfaction lists and on line reviews of Carrier you would see this is another area where Carrier ranks lower than the brands that made the top 2. Make no mistake, we sell Carrier to any one who wants one, but when you are creating a website designed to save people money on their new Air Conditioner, you can not rank on the most expensive brand on the market today any higher than this can you, it would defeat the purpose right? 3rd place goes to Carrier.


It is very hard to argue that Trane is not the best built brand on the market today and the most marketed so everyone has heard of Trane. It is the best made product on the market today hands down. We sell more Trane units than any other brand and we are an authorized Trane dealer. Trane is the best and the 2nd most expensive brand on this list, please remember that this website is dedicated to finding our customers great deals on new AC & Heating Systems so we try to give the best pricing on Trane in Arizona.

If you want a top of the line car (like a Ferrari) you know that you will pay a pretty penny for it on the day you buy it, but you also need to be prepared to pay more for the repairs on that Ferrari as well over the next 15 years. Trust and believe that a piston in a Ferrari costs more than the piston in a Ford or Chevy, Trane equipment is no different. You pay more on the day of installation for your Trane unit, then in year 11 (when your parts warranty has expired) and the motor in your Trane unit quits working, you can expect to pay more for that motor and that repair than if you would have bought a unit like a York or Goodman.

Cost of equipment, current availability issues, and parts availability are the reasons that Trane did not win our top spot.


Goodman is reasonable priced, they are built to last, they are tested in the desert in 115 degree heat for durability, they are assembled in Texas, and as we did our research we found that similiar lists put Goodman in thier top 3 based on price and performance as well but also in customer satisfaction. I like to tell people that Goodman is “Like the Ford or Chevy of Air Conditioners”, I personally don’t know what kind of car you drive but for everyone that drives a Ford or Chevy you understand that its just comforting to know you have a dependable vehicle that rarely lets you down, thats Goodman in a nutshell. But please don’t take our word for it, ask your neighbors, do your own research of all of these brands on this list for durability, customer satisfaction, contractor satisfaction, warranties, and price, then you will come to the same conclusion we did, Goodman is our winner.

So let the debate begin, please keep in mind that this website is here to educate the public on pricing and brand quality. There were a number of brands that did nto make our list such as American Standard, Heil, Comfortmaker, Armstrong, and Midea to name a few. Why didnt they make it? We would consider any of these units 2 star units or less based on the grading criteria we spoke about at the beginning of this blog. If we installed a low quality unit on your home you would have issue after issue with that unit. You would not only be upset with that brand of unit but you would also be upset with the company that sold you that unit right? This is why we avoid installing any brand that did not make this list.

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